The Game Of Change by Geeta Ramkrishnan

Genre – Non-Fiction (Self-help)

No. Of pages – 184

Rating – 2.75/5

The only thing that’s constant is change. You cannot stop it, you cannot slow it down or fasten it up. It will happens at it’s own pace and you will have to deal with it. But what when we harness the power of change? What is this game of change? Read this book to know!

The Game Of Change is a self-help that teaches you how to adapt with change, how to manage time and take care of yourself according to the change. One human, at once, has to juggle between dozens of roles and tasks, this book teaches how to juggle while being at peace and maintaining your calm.

The cover of the book is minimalistic and elegant. It has a very bold vibe but this vibe is not continued in the book. The title too, has the least amount of relation with the content of the book. The book is more about how to be happier in life rather than teaching what the game of change is.

The language is super easy, lucid, easy going. The writing style is that of a speaker, the author is talking to the reader in the entire book. It is pretty well structured with action steps at the end of every chapter and a page to write down your notes. However, the expression of the lessons is not open enough with a lack of description. A few examples are good, others are too hypothetical. It is written in a very cliche manner.

The content is not avoidable. All the points and chapters and tips mentioned must be understood and followed in this ever changing life. However, the book brings nothing new to the table, all the lessons are available all around us all the time. There is no new dimension or new perception that makes the book a little boring to read.

I loved the questions given at the end of every chapter. They are very frequently asked and have been answered well. I did take away a few points, but as an avid reader of self-help, I consumed nothing new. Therefore, I recommend this book only to the beginners in the self help world.

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