65 Colours OF Rainbow by Smit Kapila

Genre – Fiction (Collection of Short Stories)

No. Of pages – 130

Rating – 3/5

Jobs can be very boring sometimes. Especially if you don’t like what you do. But this book has proven that these boring instances can turn out to be great short stories to share with your loved ones!

65 colours of Rainbow is a collection of 65 short stories that are all related to jobs and the corporate world. The stories are convey the problems faced by various people in some, and funny incidents in others. It also has caricatures related to the short stories which adds more meaning to the short stories.

The title is very creative and relevant as there are 65 stories and they all represent the different shades of the corporate world. The cover is cute but is not relevant to the content.

The language is simple, just a little twisted at certain place to add texture to the short stories which is great. It has expressed the serious parts in a sarcastic manner. The caricature holds the highest value in every story because it changes the entire perception towards the ‘fun’ and makes the story more meaningful than the words do. However, some stories were completely flat because the writing style is not able to express the punch properly.

This book can be read at different days within a stretched period of time, sometimes after a hefty day of work to lighten your mood or maybe in the morning with your cup of tea to start the day off on a lighter note before you enter the corporate world.

I did not read the book in one go. I was reading 2-3 stories every other day and I think this is the best way to enjoy the book because reading so many stories on the same topic in one go was becoming boring. I did find stories were not funny at all, I could not make sense bt other stories made me chuckle. So, I recommend this book as a one time read to everyone, especially to the people with corporate jobs.

Amazon Link – https://amzn.to/2IXYLiB

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