How To Finish Everything You Start by Jan Yager

Genre – Non-Fiction (Self-Help/Business)

No. Of pages – 200

Rating – 3.5/5

How many times have you started something, maybe out of motivation or because of some pressure but failed to finish it? Often, starting something is the tough part. You may overthink your abilities, need the ‘perfect’ everything or are just procrastinating because you’re lazy. At other times, finishing a task is the tougher part. You may have started because you watched a motivational video last night but getting on with the tasks consistently becomes a nightmare. If you are facing anything like this, this book is just the book for you.

How To Finish Everything You Start is one of the 46 books Jan Yager has written in her entire life. It is a self-help that teaches you ‘How To Finish Everything You Start’ with the special F.I.N.I.S.H. approach and a lot of thought provoking exercises. It first analyses all the possible causes of why you are not being your productive self, then tells you how you can cure them.

The title of the book is clearly appropriate for the content of the book and the cover is subtle yet attractive. Anybody would love to have this prettiness in their bookshelf. But hold on, see if the language and content match your needs!

The language is pretty easy. You can read along without a lot of breaks and everything has been broken down to the smallest pieces for best level of understanding. The writing style is very to-the-point and doesn’t waver here and there. It genuinely talks about the topic only. The exercises are meant for self-evaluation and makes you think of what you have been doing, what the reasons have been and how you can cure the causes yourself. However, the biggest negative point of the entire book is the repetition of a lot of content and making 5 pointers out of a topic that can be ended in 2 pointers.

The content is structured in a way to ask you questions in the end which leaves you re-thinking about how the content written in the book are related to your current situation. Yes, the content is very much elongated and there is a lot of clutter but the author goes to the depth of the problem instead of just mentioning the common issues. She works on the ‘WHY’ more than the ‘WHAT’ which is super amazing a very different from other self help books.

I enjoyed the book majorly due the exercises. Fortunately, there are a lot of exercises so it kept me hooked to the book. I examined myself so much while doing them and found out so much about how much better I can be. I was slightly bored during reading the content only and only because of the elongation but that can be totally ignored given the other benefits I reaped. Therefore, I do recommend this book to people who are tired of procrastination and really want to finish what they have started.

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