Ping! by Rashi Dubey

Genre – Fiction (Drama)

No. Of pages – 145

Rating – 3.5/5

What is the limit to love someone? How far can the consequences go? What can start it? What can end it? What keeps it hanging?

Ping! Is the story of Riddhi and Aarush who fall in love even after a great amount of distance between them and what keeps them connected is YAHOO!. This goes on for the longest time and then, there love story takes a roller coaster ride with ’n’ number of ups and downs. The book tells you if they will be able to stretch through everything and still be in love or will all the other problems break what they thought was unbreakable?

The cover of the book is very basic but witty and creative. Exactly what a cover should be like. The title is very much appropriate because the love story starts just with a Ping! On Riddhi’s Yahoo! Chats.

The language is utterly simple with nothing over the top. It is as relatable as the content of the book. The major minus point of the book is the editing. Too many errors are there because of which the reader may not grasp what the scene is. It kills the effect of the scene. The writing style is very sweet, empathetic, and makes you feel like the story is inspired from real life.

The content is very sweet. The entire story shows all the struggles faced by Riddhi and Aarush and you just feel so sad at some points and so happy at others. It is very emotional. The character development has been done very well and we can picture the characters while reading. It also gives messages of inspiration and life lessons along the storyline.

I personally found book to be an amazing cliche. Yes, the family drama and everything was cliche but I enjoyed it a lot. The desi me found the book relatable at many places too. I just got a little sad when I saw the amount of errors, an error in the blurb too. The book is too good to have such issues. Therefore, I suggest a revision for the errors and recommend this book as a light and sweet read for non-avid readers.

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