Wild Card 2 by Asfiya Rahman

Genre – Fiction (Drama)

No. Of pages – 120

Rating – 4.75/5

Why do we do whatever we do? Is it because we love the process? Is it because we want to prove ourselves to someone? Is it because we have got an intuition about it or maybe it’s because seeing your dream flash in front of you makes you want to live it so much, it aches to not pursue it? These were some of the few reasons why Tahira just Could. Not. Give up on tennis as a professional career. But where does her urge to play at Wimbledon take her?

Wild Card 2 is the sequel of ‘Wild Card’ where a young yet older than others girl, Tahira, is all motivated to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player and play at Wimbledon. She has just seen her idol, Karan, win the Wimbledon even after a break of 8 long years and this scene has made her believe in only one thing – her dreams and her talent. What she lacks is the resources for becoming the best player – a coach, time to practice, support etc. Will she able to play at the Wimbledon? You get the answer to this in this book.

The cover of the book is too basic, gives a completely different idea of what kind of a story the book contains and shows no efforts in the making. The title is very much appropriate because the wild card, as it did in ‘Wild Card’, plays a big role in this book too.

The language is very lucid. It rarely has any tough words, and the writing style is beautiful. The story has been knit closely and neatly with no clutter at all. There is a depth to the writing style, as if it has been written by completely diving into the character’s emotions. It has a lot of empathy with the characters and this empathy touches the heart of the reader. The character development has been done in a great way and we know exactly what each character’s personality looks like. A great job has been done with the emotional presentation of all the scenes – you can feel every emotion the character is feeling. A very few errors, maybe just 2-3 are there in the book and must be revised for making the book reach it’s optimum place.

The content is inspiring, motivating and very realistic. It is not a book where everything HAS to go the protagonist’s way or where the characters have been glorified just to show how certain life lessons will help you gain the so-called ‘success’. It shows how real life lessons push you to love the process, decide whats best for you and define your own success. It pushes you pursue your dreams and yet, take care of your loved ones. It is a lovely story of Tahira that gives you all these lessons in the form of a story and the amalgamation of the lessons and the story has been done very well.

I finished the book on one go. Not because of the number of pages or because it was getting late for me to upload the review but because the story is so emotionally engaging. I just couldn’t keep the book down. I did try, I tried to do some other important work but my mind was left behind in the book and so, I just finished it. I loved the raw story, the reality. It is a fictitious story, is very relatable but it gives no fake hopes. This writing style kept me so  gripped to the book. The price of the book is nothing n front what it can do to your life if you read it in the right way and implement it. So yes, I loved the book and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for inspiration or motivation but wants a light read or a fictitious read.

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