Tick Tock by Rahul P. Bhandare

Genre – Fiction (Comic)

No. Of pages -27

Rating – 5/5

We often go through situations that make no sense to us. Good, bad, worst, best! And then we come to a result that makes us go “oooooooh!! This is why that happened? YAYAYAY!! Thank you God! And sorry for not trusting the process!” Relatable much? Well, wether the answer is a yes or a no, this book will surely elaborate upon this entire topic in the most fun way possible!

Tick Tock is a comic book with absolutely no words that tells the story of a watch’s journey from it’s first day to the last. What happens to it, what it goes through and finally, what it becomes in the end.

The title and cover of the book are super cool, funky and still give off a minimalist vibe. They are completely relevant to the content of the book.

There is nothing to be said about the language, words or writing style as the book as absolutely no words. However, the comics are very easily comprehensible. They are deep but simple.

Coming to the content, it’s one of the most meaningful comics without any words ever. It can be finished within 10 minutes (even for non-avid readers) and can act as  a reminder for you everyday. It will always remind you that you are a part of a bigger picture and what you go through will only help you grow.

My personal opinion on this book is going to be the longest. I rated this book a 5/5 even though it has no words and there is a reason to it. I WAS BLOWN WHEN I READ THIS BOOK. What an idea. What an execution. It’s one of the best 100 Rupees I have ever invested. Many people may think why they would spend this money for 27 pages that has no words? But I believe it passes one of the most important messages that we tend to forget everyday. It has been done in a super creative manner and the best part? It doesn’t even matter if you’re a reader or not, this book will surely never bore you or be tough to understand! What creativity! I personally loved it and so, I recommend this book to EVERYBODY and a must read.

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