On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Genre – Non-Fiction (Personal Development)

No. Of pages – 303

Rating – 4.75/5

Writing has played a big role in my life since a very young age. I wanted to become a Doctor as a child, and so, I started writing and filling notepads in ‘doctor’s handwriting’ first, and then did research on cardiology and documented it in long registers. After this phase was gone, I turned out to be a planner freak and writing always was my best skill. I used to do journaling, and then started recording my views in a proper manner through writing. When nobody would have the time to hear what I have to say, writing was my vent. Now as a reviewer and editor, I understand the importance of words, their usage, tonality, punctuation etc., and this book helped me become better at it.

On Writing Well is a non-fiction that teaches you how to write well in the non-fiction genre – this is the summary of the book in a nutshell. Going deeper, the book teaches you the importance words, how they can be clutter at some places and life changing at others. How you should create a balance between believing in your ideas and still, take immense care of your readers. It has tips and lessons for writers from any field in the non-fiction genre – science and technology, sports, memoirs etc. It ticks all requirements of a writer – style, simplicity, punctuation, tonality, editing etc. It is a guide in a nutshell for all non-fiction writers.

The title and the cover are as ‘on-point’ as the content. The author has stated all facts and lessons clearly with a touch of humour and that is exactly what the title and cover portray- clear with a touch of wit.

The language is, as mentioned above, to the point, firm, bold, clear and has a touch of humour. It has been written in a way that doesn’t let the reader get bored and gives them lessons for life in the writing field. At some places, the author did go overboard while elaborating the examples, but if you are someone who requires some real life experiences mixed with examples mixed with lessons, then this is THE BOOK for you as a writer. It has been structured into parts and so, the readers can pick on the lesson they think they need to improve at instead of reading the entire book too.

This book is not just meant for writers, but anybody from the bookish world can extract lessons worth knowing. An editor, a reviewer, even an avid-reader must read this book once to know what the quality of writing must or can be. I improved a lot on my editing and reviewing skills because I got a lot of idea about parameters that make a book worth reading. It surely is not a book for beginners, but I do recommend it to every aspiring and experienced writer. I also recommend this to anyone who is deeply involved in the bookish world.

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