Seasons by Priyam Acharya

Genre – Fiction (Poetry Collection)

No. Of pages – 178

Rating – 3.5/5

Poetry makes everything beautiful. It makes everything more acceptable and easier to take in. It makes tough things look easy, easy things look tough, broken pieces look beautiful and beautiful things normal. All this depends on how the poet looks at these things. Poetry is collecting 100s of ideas into the fewest words. I am happy to say that this poetry book has completed its tasks beautifully.

Seasons is a compilation of 178 poems on various topics. It has something for everyone – the thinker, the artist, the sceptic, the dreamer, the optimist – all in one book. It majorly is a treat for poetry lovers who love any kind of poetry.

While the title of the book is abstract yet relatable, the cover of the book is not as attractive as the cover of such a book should be. It deserves a way better, deeper and abstract kind of a cover that reflects the kind of poem the book has instead of reflecting the title.

Combining the language and content (because that’s the essence of poetry), the reader will get a different perspective on a lot of topics in a beautiful yet comprehensible manner. The easy language makes the book available for anyone who is just beginning to enter the world of poetry. The depth of the poem makes it a real for people who consider deep content as their holy grail and soul food. Though, not all poetry was worth dying for, the number of great poems was more than the flat ones where the author couldn’t capture her thoughts in the most comprehensible way.

As I said, the cover of the book did not attract me to pick it up right away, or give me any idea about what I could expect. But when, one morning, I started reading it with my honey-lemon-water, I left it down only after I finished it. I felt so happy, so refreshed. Therefore I recommend it as a one time read to poetry lovers.

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