Everything Is F*cked by Mark Manson

Genre – Non-Fiction (Self-help/Philosophy)

No. Of pages – 232

Rating – 4/5

While we are said to be existing in the best time for humanity, we somehow are facing more and more problems that sometimes are not explainable. In short, Everything seems F*UCKED. Why? This book will tell you.

Everything Is F*cked is one of the most anticipated books of the year. It is a book about hope, how hope is a f*ucked up concept, why we are facing the issues we are going through today and how we can make it better. The book has been divided into two parts. The first part shows us a raw picture of the current scenario – how what we think is the solution (hope) is what is ruining our lives and how hope is taking way more control of our lives than we do. It clears all our illusions we have about our lives, our self-control, our emotions, our practicality, our brain, etc. The second part gives us a solution that goes deep into changing a few things in our belief systems to make everything right.

The title is relevant with the content and the cover is yet again, subtle yet bright.

The language is the weakest point for the book. While the content is way more raw, honest and ‘on your face’ than the last book, the author has used too many analogies which are super extended and leaves the reader confused. Even slightly bored at some places. The beginning is gripping if you love raw writing, but the writing style has taken great leaps during the course of the book – amazingly upfront, clear at some places and utterly confusing at others. Mark has maintained is the touch of humor, sarcasm, and wit very well (you can expect chuckles here and there, again).

The overall content of the book is very tough to actually understand. Things that may be completely opposite to your belief has been said and may leave you thinking that you are reading some kind of shit, but, the entire book is nothing but the truth. Raw, unpleasant, but true. It is difficult for you to digest somethings said. It is may more philosophical and spiritual (though the author doesn’t believe in spirituality, Ironic) than the last book. However, it still is very practical, just deep into the system, and makes you self aware.

As soon as I started the book, the first chapter gave me a rush – the kind of rush I experienced one year back when I read the first book by this author. It felt like a stronger punch on my gut, telling me how stupid I am, but this is exactly what gives me an opportunity to analyze and become more self-aware and I loved it. However, the second chapter for me was a disaster and I felt sad that Mark has lost his touch. Its a lot of ‘beating around the bush’. Again from the third chapter, the rush was back and this up and down kept happening during the entire book. I could see that Mark is trying to give us the knowledge that can change our perception towards life and ourselves forever, but I could also see that it was a hard task for him. He tried his best – I am a different person now, but the reading process was a little boring. Therefore, I only recommend this book to avid readers or readers who believe in intellect or philosophy or spirituality.

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