Poignant Song by Kavita Das

Genre – Non-Fiction (Biography)

No. Of pages – 261


When we look at a celebrity from any field, we see lights, camera, fame, spotlight and applaud & respect them for their achievements. What we don’t see is how they are emotionally connected with their work, what gives them actual happiness is not the fame but the authenticity of their work and how they go through loads of ups and downs and dark times to bring about the change they bring in the society.

Poignant Song is the biography Lakshmi Shankar who was a singer, a dancer and an actor. She started her journey as a dancer, but due to a few events (read the book to know), she had to give up on dancing and slowly turned into a singer. However, she was not “just another singer”. This lady took Indian music to the west, was nominated for Grammy Awards in 2009 emerged to be known as one of the best Hindustani classical singers of all times. She achieved many more things, in her personal and professional life (again, read the book to know.) Well, this is the bright side of her story.

The cover of the book has her beautiful, juvenile face. It gives us a definition of utmost beauty in the previous times looked like. However, the title and the shade of the cover give off a dark vibe. This is because this singer’s life was not just “all happy-go-lucky”, but actually, filled with darkness at certain points in life too. From a very young, she lived her life without a father, got cut down from resources to continue with dancing and lost her daughter. Her journey has not been an easy one.

The language of the book is a little complex for beginners but perfectly fine for avid readers. It is very well structured, coherent in a different manner with interesting titles.

I felt emotional at every point in the book. At some places I felt happy, at some I felt proud, and at others, hurt. This book cleared by head of all the assumptions I had about celebrities and artists. It made me realise that the most important factor for an artist is the positive impact of their creative art. Nothing matters to them as much as their art does and they rarely care about fame and spotlight. I learnt a lot from this book. Therefore, I do recommend it. However, I am not giving it a rating to pay respect to he author and Lakshmi Shankar herself.

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