That Thing About You by Abhaidev

Genre – Fiction (Philosophy/love story)

No. Of pages – 229

Rating – 4/5

The journey of life can be full of confusions and heartbreaks, but it’s self-awareness that helps us through this entire confusion and life. This story is an example of how this happens.

That Thing About You is the story of Subodh, a careless, free-spirited, immature 27-year-old man who thinks he’s amazing but everybody around him thinks otherwise. He, deep down, knows about his short-comings but doesn’t accept them till his crush – Sneha – describes him as a teenager in an adult body. He gets hurt – and that’s when his extraordinary journey of self-awareness and finding the true love of his life begins.

The title is slightly relevant to the content, but the cover is nowhere related to the plot of the book. Both of these could be much better, relevant and beautiful.

The language of the book is easy and simple to understand. The writing style is true and heartfelt, keeping you connected to the story, but it is too stretched. It is not irrelevant, it does add flavor to the story, but unnecessary. It would be better if the events that are unnecessary would have been more interesting, or shocking, or dramatic. It would be a catalyst to keep the reader hooked instead of making them a little bored. The character development is only done properly for one character, all the other characters have been highly neglected.

This book brings something different to the table. The plot is unique, but the narration is done in a relatable manner. It qualifies the book for both, beginners and avid readers. The story incorporates a lot of life lessons. It is spiritual, philosophical, practical and yet, a beautiful and simple story.

I had a different experience with this book. It has twists that somehow are predictable yet not predictable. The ending had me amazed and I fell in love with the book. The only problem for me was the boring scenes that didn’t add up to the meaning of the story. But, The author definitely has something different in him to write such a beautiful and staggering story. Therefore, I recommend this book to all love story and philosophical fiction lovers.

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