Belief And Beyond by Mukunda Rao

Genre – Non-Fiction (Philosophy)

No. Of pages – 277

Rating – 4/5

We all have our own notions, our own perceptions and our own concepts that we believe in. This belief is what runs our lives, and therefore, we need to understand the entire concept of belief and what comes beyond it to run a better life. This book helps you do that.

Belief And Beyond is a book that talk about the non-dual concept or the ‘sahaj stithi’ or ‘adwaitva’. You may think that all of us are different people – different from each other, different from nature, different from god – but this book tells you how that is a belief you have, how there are other beliefs too and, what goes beyond beliefs. It has taken up many excerpts from the Upanishads,  Ashtavakra Gita and Avadhuta Geeta, made them easy to comprehend and then talks about the above mentioned topics.

The title is relevant. The cover is beautiful.

The language is complex. Thought the book has made a lot of texts that are tough to access and decode easy for you to comprehend, the overall language, still remains to be complex. Please mind that there are no complications – everything is comprehendible – but it still takes a lot of time to read and understand due to the depth and complexity of the chosen chosen. However, if you have a lot of time in your hands, and an urge to explore the ancient Indian texts in an easy yet deep manner for a research or to satisfy your curiosity, this book is a treat.

The content takes you deep within different beliefs and perspectives and you may feel lost. It is very spiritually and philosophically awakening, It also helps in deep self-awareness and awareness of the society too. It makes you feel liberated beyond the limitations and boundaries of the physical being and gives meaning to the tasks we perform in our day to day life unknowingly.

It took me a lot of mental space to comprehend this book, and yet, I don’t think I have been able to read the book to it’s best capacity yet. I will have to read it 4-5 times to actually juice it out and make the best use of it. Also, a level of maturity and awakening is required to compered this book and so, I think I will be able to grasp more than I am grasping now when I am older and older. Therefore, I am going to recommend it to people who are very deep into philosophy and Indian ancient texts.

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