Zara’s Witness by Shubhrangshu Roy

Genre – Fiction (Philosophy)

No. Of pages – 204

Rating – 4.5/5

We often tend to forget or take nature for granted. Every single day, mother nature gives us innumerable lessons that we skip on. Only because we are ‘too busy’ or in other words, we take unconscious decisions. But just stop for a second, look at around any organic element of nature and observe. Tell me about one lesson that you extract from it. And if don’t get any, read this book.

Zara’s Witness is the story of Zara who has taken birth in an unusual manner in the middle of a setup that includes a river, the trees, the elephant, the caterpillar, the front, the butterfly – basically admits nature where there a re no humans. She then continues to grow up in the same setup, gaining lessons in a way that none of us can imagine. This book portrays all her witnesses.

The title is relevant, the cover is deep, attractive, and gives us something to imagine.

The language is simple, easy to understand, but it is the writing style that makes the book different. It is poetic, going in a flow that is boundless but knows its destiny. The philosophical lessons and the fiction story have been woven well. It is inspired from the ancient Indian manner of story telling where the living and non-living have a conversation to prove a philosophical or spiritual point.

Many obvious lessons have been written in an un-obvious way and therefore, makes the lessons digestible and amusing. A breeze of freshness hits. Some readers may find it incomprehensible due to its ‘unconventional’  writing style.

I enjoyed this book to no extent. I can happily say that I was MESMERISED in the process and after finishing this book. I had not read something like this in the longest time and it reminded me of the stories that my mother and grandmother narrated to me as child for me to learn lessons of life. Therefore, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something fresh, something unusual, something fictional yet something enlightening.

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