Happiness Is All We Want by Ashutosh Mishra

Genre – Non-Fiction (Self-Help/Wellness)

No. Of pages – 225

Rating – 4/5

I have thought about this a lot of times. We do everything, eat, love, pray, for one core reason. Happiness. Every other path leads to the destination of happiness. And in that case, this book – the jack of all trades – acts like the only book you may require.

Happiness Is All We Want is a book that talks about all the paths and their junctures that finally leads to happiness. It teaches you how, happiness is not just a result of a your promotion at your job, but actually a state that you can attain by taking care of your body, mind, and soul, collectively. A balance among all these three is a must to experience the blessing of life.

The title is appropriate because the book as covered everything related to happiness and the cover is relevant but could have been more catchy.

The language is simple, easy going. The writing style is mature and firm. The best part is the structure of the book. It is a huge book, with topics from all around happiness covered. If the book went wrong with the structuring, it would be a very confusing read but that has been taken care of very well. It is an action-based book and gives you step by step guide to take actions that will lead to attaining a healthy well-being.

The content is full of tips – practical tips, tech talks, happiness moments experienced by the author and these small tips make the book practical and more approachable. However, the book is almost like a textbook on life, and therefore, requires enough time and attention to be read and implemented well in life. If you are an avid self-help or wellness reader, then the book may just be a repetition of what you have already read before at many places. Certain topics could also be elaborated deeper, but given the length of the book already, it is appropriate to not do so.

I saw the book and I was amazed. It is a huge book, bigger than most of the general books I have read. My favorite thing is that it’s not very thick, and structured well. I did take me to go through the book but the structure made it easy and interesting. Being an utterly avid self-help reader, I did read what I have already read. But, I think its a one stop solution for anyone who is not a lot into self-help and wants everything at one place instead of reading 10 books to attain wellness. Therefore, I do recommend this book as a must read for those who don’t read self-help, and as a one time read for the avid readers, to learn certain points that we don’t usually read in other books.

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