Love In The Time Of Affluenza by Shunali Khullar Shroff.

Genre – Fiction

No. Of pages – 292

Rating – 2.5/5

High societies, elite people, bright lights – what hides behind all this? What hides behind your responsibilities? Who are you without your profession, relations, reputation defining you?

Love In The Time Of Affluenza is the story of Natasha Singh who is a mother of three children, a wife of an ambitious man, a columnist. Living her normal, high standard life, Natasha is any cliche housewife who has given up her life for her family and love but an incident with her closest friend involved, gives her a new perspective towards life. Who is she without all these things defining her? What does love mean to her? What is it that she really wants? Is she actually herself?

The title is relevant, witty, catchy, nice. The cover is classy, attractive, yet not relevant with the content of the book.

The language is okay. The writing style is very simple, no thrill, no feel. There is a deeper conversation that the book is trying to initiate, but does not do it up to the mark due to the stretched narration of a mini plot.

The content majorly includes the rant of Natasha – her jealousy, her wishes, her struggles. She is trying hard to be acknowledged, and fighting a battle with herself to know what she really wants. Is it her kids, is it her job, is it the attention of her husband or a praise from a mother-in-law? While the book does make you question yourself at some points, where you begin to connect with the character, it instantly gets cut off by another rant. The story moves too slowly and you may feel bored way before you are able to connect with the book.

Honestly speaking, I had huge huge huge expectations from this book. The cover, the title, the blurb, and of course, the hype, made me want this book badly. But, cutting the crap, I’m disappointed. The subject of the book is so interesting that I actually wanted to dive into this kind of a story too, where I thought I will explore Natasha’s life and either have a fulfilling story or a good experience reading or at least some lessons – I got none. I kept waiting, at least for a good ending, and at some places the book did match my hopes but it was too, too, too less. Therefore, I only recommend this read to the ones who want to kill time somehow.

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