Virago by Ritiqa Pachauri

Genre – Fiction

No. Of pages – 158

Rating – 4/5

“Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

Virago is the story a Radhika Mishra who is a successful C.A., has a family with her husband, her cute little son and her in-laws. Everything goes fine and well until one day, Radhika begins to get suffocated by her so-called settled life. She realises she needs more, something that would feel good to her heart instead of satisfying her brain and something that will help her grow. The book is the story of her bold journey.

The title is beautiful, relevant, witty, artistic. Basically, Perfect. The cover too is beautiful, giving off the exact vibe of the story of Radhika who has to take birth back from ashes.

The language is easy and lucid. The story changes the tone many times, but there is no jerk in the reading process due to the perfect weaving of the story. Nothing happens too sudden, but you do feel the sudden attack where its needed. The writing style is fierce, bold, beautiful. It is fairly paced. However, the book deserves a much better layout and structure as they are too basic compared to the powerful story. The character development has been done well.

The plot is the need of the hour, the narration is relatable, keeping the book approachable for the beginners and the avid readers. The content is a thrilling yet inspiring story. However, the story could have been elaborated a little more for the readers to connect to the story and character even more.

I loved the book so much. I was siting straight while reading the whole book, and finished it at one go. I believe the book gives a message how we, as individuals, have to believe in ourselves first, before anybody else. We put a barrier on ourselves way before the society does. Believe in yourself and rest will be taken care of. With a lot of work, obviously. I just wished the book was a little longer, because I miss Radhika and her parents. Therefore, I recommend this as a must read to everyone.

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