Adulting by Neharika Gupta

Genre – Fiction

No. Of pages – 204

Rating – 4/5

What issues do you face as a young-adult or adult? In this new generation, we are facing new issues, but we are luckily talking about it unlike the old times. Body-shaming, self-hate, blocks, bearing expectations, trying to prove ourselves to people and especially to our loved ones, being something different from what we actually are, mental breakdowns, eating or not eating our emotions. These are just few of our long list, but these are the issues the characters in this book go through it.

Adulting is the story of three people – Aisha who is the queen of blogging, Tejas who is a writer, a bestselling author, and Ruhi is a workaholic trying hard to prove herself and work in a publishing house. All three are on with their work at all times and everything is rocking in the front-end but none of them are really sure of who they really are and what are they actually doing.

The title and the cover of the book are fresh, catchy, attractive, young. However, it is not relevant with the content or the story of the book.

The language is simple and the writing style, again, is young and fresh with a splash of wit here and there. There are three narrations for three characters which makes the process of reading a little confusing or disjointed but as you go ahead, you get used to it and it becomes smoother.

The story is engaging. It may look like a little stupid at some places where you may not really find it interesting or useful, but it does show how today’s youngsters are so confused and don’t know what to do. The entire story itself may seem like trash, but only because it is not as per the title and cover, not because the story is not good. However, the most important part is that it may act like a mirror for a lot of readers, because the issues the characters face are heavily common. There is surely a deeper meaning to the story.

I had a great experience with this book. Though yes, it was not what I expected, I still enjoyed the story in itself. I can never forget these characters, I see them in many people around me, and relate to them myself at many points. Therefore, even if it is a little dramatic story with a not-explosive ending, I do recommend this experience to all youngsters or people who want to know what being lost and found feels like.

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