Inkredia by Sarang Mahajan

Genre – Fiction (Fantasy)

Rating – 4.25/5

So many of us read book to get lost into the world of various characters and different kinds of universe. Book becomes an escape from reality, giving us a world of our own int he head to imagine. If you are look for a read like this, then this book is for you.
Inkredia is the story of Luwan, a young man who was living a tough but normal life till he says no to the tax collectors of the king of Brida. This no leads to him discovering a magical book that guides him, him meeting his sister Meg after quite sometime and fleeing from the city with Meg and his friend, Narjo.

The title is relevant because everything takes place in Inkredia and the cover is as fierce as the story. The cover is relevant too, with the burning pendant giving a hint that can only be understood by the end of the book.

The language is simple, no tough or heavy words. However, because it’s a completely new world with new kinds of creatures and new places and everything new, reading does become a little confusing and stressful because the elaboration of the new world has not been given enough space to breath. The writing style is magnificent, correctly descriptive, and builds a connection just after a few pages of the book. Coming to the characters, while Luwan is a strong and independent character, Meg turns out to be the more wilful and fierce one, which means the side-character is better than the protagonist. The character development has been done brilliantly, and you may get attached to all these characters by the end of the book.

It is a story of sacrifice, strength, determination, bravery and pain. It is well-paced, doesn’t let you get bored and surely is a page-turner. It does give you a new world to fantasise about and because it is just the first part, it gives you space for all kinds of theories for the next books.

I loved reading this book. It took me sometime to finish it, because the new world was little heavy to process in my mind and I would easily get stressed, but that did not keep me away from the book for long because of it exciting and thrilling story. So many values, heroship, and bravery at one place gave me tingles after a very long time. I am eagerly waiting for the next book! I recommend it as a must read to all the fantasy lovers.

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