Music To Flame Lillies by Megha Rao.

Genre – Fiction

Rating – 4.75/5

This book is a beautiful, creepy, grey yet colourful, extended poetry that has taken the shape of a magical story.

Music To Flame Lillies is the story of Noor who has gone back to her native place after receiving an unexpected reply from her best friend. What compelled her to go back and made the reply unexpected? The best friend had died years ago. Now, Noor wants to find out the cause of Kriti’s death but it is not a simple path. Her native place is full of weird things, black magic, Kalki – who practices black magic but can be of some help to Noor. Noor has to surpass it all, which leads Noor to discover the best magic of her life and cause of Kriti’s death.

The title and the cover are relevant, subtle, magical and beautiful.

The language is simple and easy to understand. As mentioned above, it is closely knit, a well-woven story, with heart-pricking metaphors here and there. Each and every word, sentence, and the whole book, has an essence to it that sends chills to the spine. The writing style, as mentioned above, is poetic and magical. The character development is brilliant and you may relate to the characters at many points.

The story is a black, dark, gothic canvas but has a beautiful splash of colours a glitter all over it. Just like how Noor is attracted to the darkness of her city, the reader cannot keep the book, even if the story becomes a little yucky here, a little creepy there. It has also raised social issues in the most subtle manner, throwing light on some points that must be talked about but we ignore them.

I loved the dark and glittery experience I had. It was fairly paced, and every scene was amalgamated in the most delicious way. I loved the subtlety of the book. Yet there was a deep tunnel behind every page. However, for me, the ending was a little rushed and unsatisfying. But the rich writing style, choice of words and metaphors, and the beautiful story makes it a must read for anyone who likes to read creepy, dark, and love.

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