Addiction To Death-3

Things can’t really get you out of something or into something. Nobody can make you successful or a failure. Nothing pushes you into depression or get out of it. It’s all you. What choices you make. Apparently, IT IS ALL IN THE BRAIN. Sitting at my desk as usual, I watch positive affirmation videos to … Continue reading Addiction To Death-3

“How can nothing kill?”-Part 1

Depression kills. Smoking kills, too. In smoking you do know, the puff that fills your lungs with smoke that smoothens your stress levels has ill effects on your body. You know what actions is leading to your destruction. Every time the end of that cigarette gets sucked between your lips, your life reduces by some … Continue reading “How can nothing kill?”-Part 1

How to be a nice person

2In a world where everybody wants to be successful, rich, pretty, handsome and ‘fair & lovely’, in world where we have so many influencers and motivational speakers who give you tactics to set goals and become a go-getter, becoming as simple as a nice person as become as uncommon as common sense in common people.  … Continue reading How to be a nice person