Tick Tock by Rahul P. Bhandare

https://youtu.be/8hCDU37NMhU Genre - Fiction (Comic) No. Of pages -27 Rating - 5/5 We often go through situations that make no sense to us. Good, bad, worst, best! And then we come to a result that makes us go “oooooooh!! This is why that happened? YAYAYAY!! Thank you God! And sorry for not trusting the process!” … Continue reading Tick Tock by Rahul P. Bhandare

Ping! by Rashi Dubey

https://youtu.be/1oPX86IKRxY Genre - Fiction (Drama) No. Of pages - 145 Rating - 3.5/5 What is the limit to love someone? How far can the consequences go? What can start it? What can end it? What keeps it hanging? Ping! Is the story of Riddhi and Aarush who fall in love even after a great amount … Continue reading Ping! by Rashi Dubey

The Cloudburst by Rajesh Naiksatam

https://youtu.be/tVCFNQ0UZDE Genre - Fiction No. Of pages - 176 In this development era, human beings often think that they can surpass the strength of mother nature but mother nature proves us all wrong. She truly is a mother. We do anything and everything for our own sake not caring about her but she never stops … Continue reading The Cloudburst by Rajesh Naiksatam

“I Hate My Job.”

As a book reviewer, I often post quotes from the books I read onto Instagram stories. One such quote was - “Everyday is a new day. We brush our teeth, put on fresh clothes, take a bath and so on. We eat fresh food, but we are not mentally fresh: we are carrying the same … Continue reading “I Hate My Job.”

100 Conversations You Need To Have by Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos

https://youtu.be/fRuV_W6s2qE Genre - Non-Fiction (Pack of 3) Rating - 4/5 Questioning yourself and self analysis is extremely important for growth, happiness and satisfaction in any field. These books will help you do that. 100 Conversations You Need To Have is a set of three books comprising a Philosophy guide for daily growth, the stoic philosophy … Continue reading 100 Conversations You Need To Have by Perry Giuseppe Rizopoulos

The Day That Nothing Happened by Sonal Sehgal

https://youtu.be/r7DJjvEXf08 How tough has it been for people like me to read Sci-Fi? Very tough. But not anymore! The Day That Nothing Happened is a Sci-Fi written for both lovers and non-lovers of Sci-fi in a lay-man yet penetrating language. It's a story of the the extra accommodated day where the world goes of and … Continue reading The Day That Nothing Happened by Sonal Sehgal

Addiction To Death-3

Things can’t really get you out of something or into something. Nobody can make you successful or a failure. Nothing pushes you into depression or get out of it. It’s all you. What choices you make. Apparently, IT IS ALL IN THE BRAIN. Sitting at my desk as usual, I watch positive affirmation videos to … Continue reading Addiction To Death-3

Introduction and Update!

Hey guys! So I haven't really introduced myself here on my blog, considering that you may have seen my website but I feel like I should do it once in a while repeatedly for all the new friends I make here. Also, I have an update to give. My name is Anchal. I do book … Continue reading Introduction and Update!