Everything Is F*cked by Mark Manson

https://youtu.be/rdGz4lV4BcY Genre - Non-Fiction (Self-help/Philosophy) No. Of pages - 232 Rating - 4/5 While we are said to be existing in the best time for humanity, we somehow are facing more and more problems that sometimes are not explainable. In short, Everything seems F*UCKED. Why? This book will tell you. Everything Is F*cked is one … Continue reading Everything Is F*cked by Mark Manson

Poignant Song by Kavita Das

https://youtu.be/PVpwfhJrFBw Genre - Non-Fiction (Biography) No. Of pages - 261 NO RATING. When we look at a celebrity from any field, we see lights, camera, fame, spotlight and applaud & respect them for their achievements. What we don’t see is how they are emotionally connected with their work, what gives them actual happiness is not … Continue reading Poignant Song by Kavita Das

Silence Between The Spaces by Abir Sinha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhGH5Frg8vY Genre - Poetry collection No. Of pages - 137 Rating - 5/5 Silence is the most underrated noise. Being yourself has become one of the toughest tasks to do. Everyday, in some or the other way, we are fighting a battle. For some, the battle is with themselves, for others, it’s with the people … Continue reading Silence Between The Spaces by Abir Sinha

Seasons by Priyam Acharya

https://youtu.be/q0eF8Wa3v1E Genre - Fiction (Poetry Collection) No. Of pages - 178 Rating - 3.5/5 Poetry makes everything beautiful. It makes everything more acceptable and easier to take in. It makes tough things look easy, easy things look tough, broken pieces look beautiful and beautiful things normal. All this depends on how the poet looks at … Continue reading Seasons by Priyam Acharya

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

https://youtu.be/vFPHgn-ebeY Genre - Non-Fiction (Personal Development) No. Of pages - 303 Rating - 4.75/5 Writing has played a big role in my life since a very young age. I wanted to become a Doctor as a child, and so, I started writing and filling notepads in ‘doctor’s handwriting’ first, and then did research on cardiology … Continue reading On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Tick Tock by Rahul P. Bhandare

https://youtu.be/8hCDU37NMhU Genre - Fiction (Comic) No. Of pages -27 Rating - 5/5 We often go through situations that make no sense to us. Good, bad, worst, best! And then we come to a result that makes us go “oooooooh!! This is why that happened? YAYAYAY!! Thank you God! And sorry for not trusting the process!” … Continue reading Tick Tock by Rahul P. Bhandare

Wild Card 2 by Asfiya Rahman

https://youtu.be/4Da4xUq2yh4 Genre - Fiction (Drama) No. Of pages - 120 Rating - 4.75/5 Why do we do whatever we do? Is it because we love the process? Is it because we want to prove ourselves to someone? Is it because we have got an intuition about it or maybe it’s because seeing your dream flash … Continue reading Wild Card 2 by Asfiya Rahman

Ping! by Rashi Dubey

https://youtu.be/1oPX86IKRxY Genre - Fiction (Drama) No. Of pages - 145 Rating - 3.5/5 What is the limit to love someone? How far can the consequences go? What can start it? What can end it? What keeps it hanging? Ping! Is the story of Riddhi and Aarush who fall in love even after a great amount … Continue reading Ping! by Rashi Dubey

The Mind Game by Devika Das

https://youtu.be/80iU-Xh07uw Genre - Non-Fiction (Self-Help) No. Of pages - 203 Rating - 4/5 Speaking from personal experience, when we want to get something especially validation on certain actions and thoughts, we are ready from all perspectives but lack the emotional quotient to cope with the results. Our mind plays tricks with us and we often … Continue reading The Mind Game by Devika Das

Still loved..Still Missed! by Mridula

https://youtu.be/obHIy00od_w Genre - Fiction (Collection of Short Stories and Poetry) No. Of pages - 75 Rating - 3/5 Non-living objects or inanimate things can be our best teachers. In our daily lives, we are so busy with all the race among all the moving things (including human being) going on around us, we rarely see … Continue reading Still loved..Still Missed! by Mridula