65 Colours OF Rainbow by Smit Kapila

https://youtu.be/xVrbs0u7Cbc Genre - Fiction (Collection of Short Stories) No. Of pages - 130 Rating - 3/5 Jobs can be very boring sometimes. Especially if you don’t like what you do. But this book has proven that these boring instances can turn out to be great short stories to share with your loved ones! 65 colours … Continue reading 65 Colours OF Rainbow by Smit Kapila

The Game Of Change by Geeta Ramkrishnan

https://youtu.be/JiKJJIV6G7o Genre - Non-Fiction (Self-help) No. Of pages - 184 Rating - 2.75/5 The only thing that’s constant is change. You cannot stop it, you cannot slow it down or fasten it up. It will happens at it’s own pace and you will have to deal with it. But what when we harness the power … Continue reading The Game Of Change by Geeta Ramkrishnan

The Mind Game by Devika Das

https://youtu.be/80iU-Xh07uw Genre - Non-Fiction (Self-Help) No. Of pages - 203 Rating - 4/5 Speaking from personal experience, when we want to get something especially validation on certain actions and thoughts, we are ready from all perspectives but lack the emotional quotient to cope with the results. Our mind plays tricks with us and we often … Continue reading The Mind Game by Devika Das

Still loved..Still Missed! by Mridula

https://youtu.be/obHIy00od_w Genre - Fiction (Collection of Short Stories and Poetry) No. Of pages - 75 Rating - 3/5 Non-living objects or inanimate things can be our best teachers. In our daily lives, we are so busy with all the race among all the moving things (including human being) going on around us, we rarely see … Continue reading Still loved..Still Missed! by Mridula

Shahar Me Shayar me Anshuman Kuthiyala

https://youtu.be/EjH4gcK7qhw Genre - Fiction (Gazal Sangrah) No. Of pages - 75 Rating - 4/5 If you are from an India family, at some or the other point of time, you must have listened to Ghazals playing on the radio or even YouTube now. Ghazals have been integral part of Indian families since a long, long … Continue reading Shahar Me Shayar me Anshuman Kuthiyala

BESTSELLER by Ahmed Faiyaz

Genre - Fiction  No. Of pages - 190 It is so easy for us to buy, open and read a bestselling book and enjoy it to the fullest. What we sometimes forget is the amount of hard work, man power and efforts that have been put into making a mere manuscript (sometimes first drafts) into … Continue reading BESTSELLER by Ahmed Faiyaz

Hijabistan by Sabyn Javeri

https://youtu.be/hB__RfYBCx0 Genre - Fiction (Collection of short stories) A head covering worn in public by some Muslim women - A Hijab. While a hijab has a simple meaning as this, different people around the world have created their own definition of of it. However, out of all the perceptions, I did not know what it … Continue reading Hijabistan by Sabyn Javeri