Addiction To Death-3

Things can’t really get you out of something or into something. Nobody can make you successful or a failure. Nothing pushes you into depression or get out of it. It’s all you. What choices you make. Apparently, IT IS ALL IN THE BRAIN. Sitting at my desk as usual, I watch positive affirmation videos to … Continue reading Addiction To Death-3

Take Action – Part 2

You know you are in trouble when you know you are in trouble and you laugh at yourself for being in trouble, again.  Suddenly, I feel scared and shy. Shy to talk to someone and tell them that I am feeling dead because 'nothing' happened. Scared that they’ll laugh at me and judge me for … Continue reading Take Action – Part 2

Not an issue.

A boy at the age of 2.5 years is sent to a pre-school. The child is learning to function on a pattern, do this, don’t do that. Nobody enquires about the teacher, how she is, how she reacts, does she have anger issues? And the boy is given to her at an age where his … Continue reading Not an issue.