Introduction and Update!

Hey guys! So I haven't really introduced myself here on my blog, considering that you may have seen my website but I feel like I should do it once in a while repeatedly for all the new friends I make here. Also, I have an update to give. My name is Anchal. I do book … Continue reading Introduction and Update!

The Decision Book by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler The Decision Book is a combination of 50 models put together into a book to take your decision-making process to a whole new level. They are all given by different scientists or psychologists and help you to take better decisions. It tells you how you can improve yourself, understand yourself and also, analyse everything … Continue reading The Decision Book by Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler

Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird Happy Guide is a simple and sweet guide as to how to be healthy and happy. It Reflects that happy and good health is not something tough to attain and is very, very important. In this fast-going world whee we are focused on our ambitions, we often tend to neglect our health and this … Continue reading Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird